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Attorney Olga Wawrzynkiewicz-Jablonska is a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She has also completed legal training with District Attorneys Council in Poznan. She is a member of Polish Lawyers Association ( ZPP ) as well as Deutsche-Polnische Juristen Vereinigung ( DPJV – German-Polish Association of Polish Lawyers).
Olga Wawrzynkiewicz-Jabłońska Lawyer's Office provides thorough legal services both to entrepreneurs and the public.

She has over 7-year experience gained in the course of practise in numerous lawyer's offices in Poznań. She has also taken part in Polish-German exchange of attorneys and completed training in a German lawyer's office.

Attorney Olga Wawrzynkiewicz-Jablonska offers thorough legal services to businesses and deals with a broad scope of issues related to capital investments. Thanks to close cooperation with many Polish and German lawyers as well as an accounting office she ensures thorough service to entrepreneurs.

In cases of individual clients she provides legal help within civil law, criminal law, family and guardianship law as well as labour law.

Attorney Olga Wawrzynkiewicz-Jabłońska also specializes in health protection law, including medical law and service provided for medical market.

Olga Wawrzynkiewicz-Jabłońska provides her services in a professional and reliable manner, guaranteeing individual approach to each case.

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